"WOW honey,

this is better than you"

~ A dead husband

A sincere honey, 100% natural.

The Only Honey You'll Ever Love

Don't let your honey lure you into that honey trap from all that sweet talk.


"Yes dear" honey only brings you the best farm-honey straight from Manitoba, Canada, to your door step

Directly from Manitoba, Canada

Delightful match with drinks

100% Natural and Raw

Spread like butter

 Natural remedy for cold and sadness

All natural

100% Natural,

unpasteurized honey

RAW is how we love it, freshly harvest from the farm and straight to your doorstep. 


We know how important is this to you to have the best RAW honey without compromising its integrity. Swear if we ever lie, we'll condemn ourselves into vegans.   


Home of

maple syrup and

over-apologetic Canadian 

 Despite how much we make fun of how Canada became the country that is now today, or how we use "sorry" as a greeting, we take pride of the very cradle which gave life to our honey.


Sorry for being the best honey you've ever had.